Ok so college is good but this weather is a different story. I hope that everyone is safe vaulting in this weather. Remember to use proper precautions, and cover your pits the right way. I remember at Clyde we threw the weights that hold the pit down in the middle of the pit. It rained that night and when we went out to jump there was a little pond in the middle of our pit. So please know what is going on. I use to wear sun glasses to keep the rain out of my eyes when jumping, in the rain while running. Little things that work for you that will help you get a good safe practice in do.

Also, new tip:

It is always easier to plan a lighter pole to a heavier pole. Why because your body gets use to the pole you are using so you never think it is heavy till you move up a pole. Therefore use a heavier longer pole when doing non vaulting things such as running with the pole on the track not the runway. this will ease any transition, and also help you control your pole you are using now better. All I'm saying is if you go with the unknown and do good, then you can go to the known and be great. This might help, I hope it does. And like I had said earlier please be safe jumping in the rain.


March 29, Vault Club

Hey vault club members,

      We will be vaulting from 3:30-6:30 witn pizza at the end of the session on Sunday.  Shirts are in hope to see you there.